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I developed and built these projects for my own use and they all work. The technical information is minimal but you are welcome to inquire for more info.
The purpose of this website is to make a little contribution to the vast amount of free knowledge on the Internet that I benefited from.
Please don't ask me to remotely troubleshot your circuit, I can't do it. Comments about errors or improvements are welcomed.


You have rights to use, modify and distribute this software in any way you find useful, provided that you agree that I have no warranty, obligation or liability for their contents.
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ANDROID FREQUENCY COUNTER- 6MHz frequency and voltage displayed on android using Bluetooth.
DOORBELL- Doorbell plays a tune from SD Card or EEPROM, for Arduino or PIC.
HP STREAM 7 DOCKING- Tablet HP Stream 7 docking station circuit diagram.
LED THERMOMETER- PIC16F628A and DS18B20 sensore -55 to 125 degrees thermometer.
USB TFT DISPLAY of BMP- TFT and PIC18F2550 display bitmap picture loaded from PC.
SERIAL PORT TFT TEXT DISPLAY- TFT and PIC16F876A to display text from PC.
USB DS18B20 THERMOMETER- Digital sensor -55 to 125 centigrade.
SD - FAT Bitmap Display- PIC16F876A, TFT Module and Petit FAT display BMP file.
LCD TFT EGG TIMER- PIC16F876A and 1.8" LCD TFT module egg timer.
LCD TFT OSCILLOSCOPE- PIC16F876A and 1.8" LCD TFT module low frequency oscilloscope.
LCD TFT FREQUENCY COUNTER- PIC16F690 / PIC16F876A, 1.8" LCD TFT module frequency counter.
TALKING CLOCK- Clock that tells the time from user own voice recorded on the SD Card, LCD module.
SD/SDHC SOUND RECORDER- PIC16F876A, SD records and replays audio, FAT32 wav player. ARDUINO version.
SERIAL INPUTS OUTPUTS- PIC16F870 powered by the serial port, interface inputs outputs to the PC.
SERIAL LCD- PIC16F628A drives LCD powered by the serial port.
IR DECODER- PIC16F628A TV remote to PC converter.
PIC MUSIC-PIC12F629 Happy Birthday tune.
CODE LOCK- PIC16F628A electronic key pad lock.
CODE LOCK with LCD- PIC16F870 electronic key pad lock with LCD module.
EGG TIMER- PIC16F628A 2 digits 99 minutes Led display timer.
LCD EGG TIMER- PIC16F628A 1 seconnd to 99 minutes LCD Module timer.
ANALOGUE TO SERIAL PORT- PIC12F675 self powered analogue to digital converter.
100KHz for PC- PIC16F628A self powered serial port counter, 100mV input.
1MHz for PC- PIC16F628A self powered serial port counter.
50 MHz 8 DIGITS LED FREQUENCY COUNTER - PIC16F628A 8 Digits Frequency Counter.
OSCILLOSCOPE SCREEN - PIC16F628A Frequency displayed on oscilloscope screen.
LCD DISPLAY - PIC16F628A drives 1 line 16 char LCD module.
USB THERMOMETER- 0 to 100 °C thermometer self powered by the USB.
USB METER- PIC18F2550 used for measurement of frequency, voltage, capacitance and inductance.
USB COUNTER- frequency counter and analogue 5V input to USB port.
USB OSCILLOSCOPE- 1KHz bandwidth oscilloscope with trigger.
USB INPUT_OUTPUT- 4 analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs and 4 outputs.
USB 16x2 LCD Display- USB drive for2 lines 32 characters LCD display module.
MCP3201 TO PARALLEL PORT- ADC MCP3201 powered by the parallel port.
ADC0804 TO PARALLEL PORT- Input 5V analogue to PC.
MCP3201 TO SERIAL PORT- ADC MCP3201 powered by the serial port.
SERIAL PORT THERMOMETER- Thermometer powered by the serial port, -20 to 130 °C.
SERIAL PORT THERMOSTAT- Thermostat with a relay controlled by the PC.
LCD Display on LPT- 16x2 characters LCD display module connected to the parallel port.
WATER SOFTENER- electronic device for softening hard water.
3.7V to 5V Converter- low power 3.7V to 5 or 9 volts converter.
SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER- high efficiency battery charger for solar cells.

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