Waveform Generator
AHT21, MAX6675 Thermometer
USB Input Output
CH376 USB Picture Frame
SD FAT32 Player PIC12F1822
W25Q64 Flash Recorder
Picture Frame PIC16F690
Color OLED Picture Frame
SD FAT32 TFT Display
Doorbell with SD/EEPROM
SD Talking Clock
SD Sound Recorder
SD FAT32 wav Player
SD Arduino Recorder
Arduino Picture Frame
AD9833 Waveform Generator
Chrome Browser Counter
Arduino LED MAX7219 Counter
LCD Accurate Counter
OLED Accurate Counter
MilliHertz Counter
PIC Counter For Android
MAX7219 LED Counter
WiFi Frequency Counter
Frequency Generator
OLED Counter PIC12F629
Talking Frequency Counter
TFT Counter PIC16F628A
SSD1306 Counter PIC16F628A
SSD1331 Counter PIC16F628A
Arduino Counter for PC
OLED Arduino Counter
OLED Frequency Counter
TFT 10MHz Counter
PC Counter
LED Counter
Scope Screen Counter
LCD 16 x 2 Counter
LCD Arduino Counter
6MHz Android Counter
NIXIE Android Counter
Bluetooth Counters
USB Counter
OBD2 RPM meter PIC16F876A
OBD2 Engine Rev Counter
OBD2 Diagnostic app
Logic Analyzer
PIC12F1822 Scope for PC
Arduino Oscilloscope for PC
Arduino OLED Oscilloscope
Android Oscilloscope
TFT Oscilloscope
USB Oscilloscope
Thermocouple 1023 Deg
Thermometer For Browser
OLED Thermometer PIC12F629
OLED Room Thermostat
TFT Clock and Thermometer
LED Thermometer
USB Thermometer
Serial Thermometer
Serial Thermostat
USB DS18B20 Sensor
Cuckoo Clock
Real Time Clock DS3231
LED TM1637 Timer
OLED Timer Thermometer
TFT Timer Thermometer
LED Timer
LCD Timer
Clock Thermometer
Talking Clock PIC16F628A
Android Talking Clock
WiFi, Ethernet
WiFi Thermometer
WiFi ESP8266
IO for Chrome Browser
USB 16x2 LCD
USB TFT display BMP
USB Meter
USB Input-Output
USB Input-Output Android
Analogue to USB (CH341)
MCP3201 on Serial Port
PC Analog Input (USB-UART)
Serial TFT Text
Serial Inputs Outputs
Serial Port LCD
Analogue Signal to Serial
HC-SR04 Sensor
OLED Amp Meter
PC digital I/O (no coding)
Analogue Signal to LPT
LCD Display on LPT
Water Softener
3.7V to 5V
Solar Charger
PIC Music
Code Lock
  Technical Tips  


LCD TFT is digital display at its best, it displays versatile clear picture. The picture is built by entering the address and the color of a pixel or rectangle, so it's simple to use too.
LCD TFT to display text using PIC16F876A . Included C code and circuit diagram. The LCD TFT module is a 1.8" 128 X160 pixel. The LCD is driven by SPI.
The text is sent to the TFT via the serial port. Each character is 8x12 pixels stored in the VB6 application; there is no memory enough in this pic for the data. For each character the VB transmit 12 bytes.
LCD TFT modules vary depending on the drive IC. The module in the project has the driver ST7735 . I bought this module directly from China because the price was more sensible.
Code was written on MPLAB and compiled with the free HI TECH C compiler V9.80
Software includes PIC code. You are free to use the circuit diagram and the software with no limitations.


Circuit Description
See also Technical Tips

The crystal is a 8MHz.
Supply is 5V +/-10%. Input signal is TTL levels.
BC337 inverts the signal from the serial port and converts it to TTL level as needed by the pic.
The module in the project has the driver ST7735.


Comments and questions

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10.02.2024 - 20:06
Name: Moty
Comment: This description was written by someone who doesn't understand how to read the table. The table looks pretty but if instead of table there is a list of addresses it will make it easy to read. It is possible to do it with a pic, for me to do it I need to be convinced that it's useful because it will take me several days. I'm not a software engineer, it's only a hobby for me. What do you need this device for? it appears to be useful only for people who write code?

10.02.2024 - 04:46
Name: Cherub
Comment: Hi. This is a project on ATtini44, it would be nice to produce it on a PIC controller... I don't write code... "I2C bus scanner on ATtiny44" "This scanner displays the addresses of all connected devices on the I2C bus in the form of a table. The highlighted table cell shows the address of the connected device. The displayed values are shifted one bit to the left and are therefore represented as 8-bits. Columns show the most significant nibble of the address, and rows show the least significant nibble. Since the value is already offset, only even numbers are in the lower nibble. The device is equipped with a 0.96-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128*64, which is connected to a small circuit board of the same size. The scanner is built on an ATtiny44 microcontroller which uses two I2C software ports (one for display and one scanning port). Since the ATtiny44 does not have enough RAM to create a screen buffer, and the table cells are not aligned to the display lines, the author used a simple but elegant algorithm to calculate the screen image in real time. The microcontroller is clocked from an internal oscillator with a frequency of 8 MHz." ‚Äč

09.02.2024 - 16:17
Name: Moty
Comment: Hi, I didn't understand how to read the display in that project. Does it read one address 0A and another 89 ? Have you made any attempt to write the code?

09.02.2024 - 11:29
Name: Cherub
Comment: Hello, Moty. Can you develop and share an I2C bus scanner project? Example on ATtiny44: Thank you.

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