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LCD TFT is digital display at its best, it displays versatile clear picture. The picture is built by entering the address and the color of a pixel or rectangle, so it's simple to use too.
LCD TFT to display text using PIC16F876A . Included C code and circuit diagram. The LCD TFT module is a 1.8" 128 X160 pixel. The LCD is driven by SPI.
74HC4050 hex buffer can be replaced by 4050B cmos.
The text is sent to the TFT via the serial port. Each character is 8x12 pixels stored in the VB6 application; there is no memory enough in this pic for the data. For each character the VB transmit 12 bytes.
LCD TFT modules vary depending on the drive IC. The module in the project has the driver ST7735 or S6D02A1A01. I bought this module directly from China because the price was more sensible.
Code was written on MPLAB and compiled with the free HI TECH C compiler V9.80
Software includes PIC code. You are free to use the circuit diagram and the software with no limitations.

Circuit Description
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The crystal is a 8MHz.
Supply is 5V +/-10%. Input signal is TTL levels.
3.3V to the 74HC4050 can be connected to the 3.3V regulator on the TFT module.
74HC4050 hex buffer is level shift to drop the 5V from the pic outputs to 3.3V input to the TFT Module. You can use cmos 4050B. If you use another buffer make sure it has 5V tolerant inputs.
BC337 inverts the signal from the serial port and converts it to TTL level as needed by the pic.
The module in the project has the driver ic S6D02A1A01. If you use module with driver ic ST7735 you will need to comment the inversion command in the code to stop it inverting colors.